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My story

I was born on Saturday 8th September 2012 at Stormsmist Briards in Yorkshire. One of nine brothers and one sister, our mum is Stormsmist ici est Dakota and dad is Guilfoyle Barnabus, so I was named after my champion dad and his dad too!

When I was nine months old, the people I’d gone to live with decided I was too much for them, so I went back to living at Stormsmist with my mum Dakota, aunt Arizona, granny Maryse and brother Sirius for a short time.

Then, my new Mum and Dad came to visit one day. They had had a briard before - my Great Uncle Ed. He had just died and they were missing the noise, the mess and the general shagginess of having a briard around the house. So I decided to adopt them by jumping on them on the sofa and not letting them get up until they promised to come back for me. It worked! Two days later, I got into the car, lay down and licked Dad’s ear to tell him to go and I was on my way to Wales.

Well, that was 1st July 2013 and already I feel like I’ve lived with them for ever. I’ve made lots of new people and dog friends, learned to swim and even won “Most Handsome Dog” (out of 25 entrants) at a fun dog show! I’ve also managed to get Mum & Dad to move to Yorkshire, how clever am I?

Stormsmist Eros - “Barney”